HPP Caltex Lubricants

Delo 400 15w40

Delo 400 15w40 – Premium Grade multi-viscosity diesel engine lubricant designed for top performance under severe service conditions


Delo Gold Ultra 15w40 – High Performance Multi-grade diesel engine oil designed for a wide range of diesel engines, from light duty to high capacity. Recommended for mixed fleet applications.

Havoline Premium Plus 10w30

Havoline Premium Plus 10w30 – Shear stable multigrade engine oil for light truck and passenger car use.

Rando HD 46

Rando HD 46 & Rando HD 68  – HD 46 Premium Quality, anti-wear hydraulic fluid designed for lubrication where high rust and corrosion properties are desired. HD68 Designed for stationary and mobile high pressure hydraulic applications. Excellent demulsability.

Thuban 80w90

Thuban 80w90 – Extreme Pressure, High Performance, Multipurpose Multi-grade gear lubricant formulated with “clean gear” technology.

Thuban 85w140 – Recommended for automotive hypoid gear differentials and other high and low speed, high torque applications.

Ultra Duty Grease

Ultra Duty Grease –  Premium Heavy Duty Grease containing high viscosity mineral oil, lithium thickener, and special EP additives.

Four Stroke lawn mower oil

Four Stroke lawn mower oil – Mono-grade SAE 30 oil for Lawn Mowers and small stationary diesel and petrol engines

Caltex Chain n Bar Oil

Caltex Chain n Bar Oil – Tough, tacky lubricant designed for chainsaws, sprockets, and chain driven equipment

Texamatic 1888

Texamatic 1888 – High performance, multipurpose, shear stable Automatic Transmission Fluid

Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid – A High quality, non-petroleum automotive brake fluid conforming to DOT standards.

Fleet 1.2

Caltex Truck Clean – Water based, heavy duty solvent free detergent to keep your trucks and vehicles clean.

Delo.Molygrease EP

Delo Molygrease EP – Multipurpose, extreme pressure, lithium soap based grease containing rust and oxidation inhibitors and sulpher phosphorus EP additives.

Anti Frost/Anti Boil – Engine Cooling System treatment with excellent antifreeze and anti-corrosion properties