HPP Mobil Lubricants

Hunter Petroleum Products offers an extensive range of Mobil’s mechanical and machine lubricants. Please see our range below and contact us for any recommendations, pricing and delivery requirements


Delvac MX 15w40

Delvac MX 15w40 – Extra High performance multi viscosity diesel engine lubricating oil for highway use.


Delvac 1330  – Heavy Duty diesel engine oil blended from advanced base oils and featuring a balanced additive system

DTE 26

DTE 26 – Designed to satisfy a wide range of hydraulic equipment requirements. Developed for high pressure, high output pumps.


Agri Super 15w40 – High Performance, multi-functional lubricant suited for many Agricultural machinery applications

DTE 25

DTE 25  – Supreme performance lubricating hydraulic oil providing long oil and filter life

Mobil ATF MP

Mobil ATF MP – A Multipurpose Automatic Transmission Fluid which provides all around performance. Consistent in all weather shifting


Mobiltrans HD 30 – High Performance Heavy Duty transmission and drive train lubricant. Provides maximum protection when used in high pressure hydraulic systems

Mobillube HD plus 80w90

Mobillube HD plus 80w90 – Extra High Performance gear lubricant providing excellent protection in low speed, high torque applications.

Mobillube HD plus 85w140

Mobillube HD plus 85w140 – Engineered for heavy duty manual and semi-automatic transmissions, axles and final drives where extreme pressures and shock loads are the norm.

Mobilfluid 424 – Extra High Performance Tractor lubricant that meets transmission and hydraulic fluid requirements. Very good at reducing wet brake and PTO chatter.

Chain n Bar Oil – Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil with excellent anti-wear, film-strength, and adhesive characteristics.